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Sign and pay functionality for online approval of quotation

By: SpellBound Soft. Solutions Posted on: September 4, 2021 Tags:

Hello odoors, every business document needed for trade transactions has to be signed for the trade to be established. For this process, you can use the sign and pay functionality provided by odoo to validate the quotation conveniently and it is also environment friendly as less paper will be used. 

In this blog I will explain how to get a quotation signed via email link.  So let’s get started !

  • In the sales module go to configuration in the top menu bar and click on the quotation template. Here on my database I am creating a new quotation for mobile accessories.

  •  We will add quotation expiration day in 10 days and this quotation is available for the company.
  • I will add products which are Bluetooth earbuds, selfie sticks and in my optional product, I am adding a portable charger.

  • Make sure you select the online signature and payment boxes. Alright now save it.
  • The quotation template is created.
  • Going back to the quotation template, from Order, go to quotations. 
  • Create a new quotation, I am naming the customer as Kavya.
  • Now as you select the mobile accessories in the quotation template, the template that you had previously created will be used and all the fields will be filled automatically as you can see.

  • There is also other information which is totally editable, make sure to enable online signature
  • Let’s save it. 
  • By selecting send by email, a pop up with our customer that is Kavya’s information will come. The pdf for quotation is also attached. Let’s send it. 

  • The Sign and Pay link is sent through email. You can see a Sign in and pay button. Click it.

  • This is the quotation page, now select sign and pay here. 
  • Then accept and sign which will lead to a signing box. 
  • Sign it there and then select accept and sign. Voila the quotation is signed just like that.


  • Getting back to our Odoo page. Refresh. And you can see the pdf. Download it. Here’s the signature.


  • Well this was it for today. Hope you learned something new.


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