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Two-step approval for purchase order

By: SpellBound Soft. Solutions Posted on: September 6, 2021 Tags:

When we are dealing with a large sum of money, two level approval becomes a necessity to ensure safety. Today we will see how to set up this functionality in Odoo.


Step: 1


  • Open PURCHASE app.
  • From Configuration go to Setting.
  • Search for Order in the search field. In that look for Purchase Order approval as shown below in the screenshot.
  • Let’s make that amount as $5000.








  • Now go back to the App Dashboard and open SETTING apps.
  • Here in the user you can see there are three users.

  • Here, Mitchell Admin is ADMIN.


  • Mark Demo is a purchase user, while nik is a purchase administrator. I have attached the screenshots of both of them respectively. 




  • Now from the user account, I created a request for a Quotation.
  • You can see here we have no button found for the received quantity because in an RFQ,the amount is larger than the confire amount. 
  • So here purchase administration approval is required.

  • Purchase administrator will approve this Purchase order, and validate it.

  • Here the state is also changed.

  • This is the final screen. It shows the Purchase Order.

  • This was it for the blog. Hope you learned something new today. 

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