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In the dynamic world of manufacturing, businesses often require specialized expertise or additional resources to complete certain production processes efficiently.Odoo 16’s Manufacturing module offers a robust subcontracting feature that enables companies to collaborate with external suppliers for specific manufacturing operations. In this blog,we will explore the step – by – step process of using subcontracting in Odoo 16, empowering manufacturers to optimize their production processes through seamless collaboration with external partners. 

Enabling Manufacturing Module 

To begin,log in to your Odoo 16 instance and navigate to the Apps menu.Search for Manufacturing or MRP and install the Manufacturing module if you have not done so already.


Configuration Subcontracting Settings 

Once the Manufacturing module is installed , access the Configuration tab in the Settings menu to set up subcontracting – related parameters. Here, you can enable the subcontracting feature and define default accounts, taxes, and other relevant details.

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Creating Supplier and Customer Information

To streamline subcontracting operations, ensure you have to create detailed supplier and customer profiles.Navigate to the Contacts menu and add the necessary information for your external suppliers and customers. 

Setting up Work Centers and Operations

Before creating subcontracting orders,make sure your work centers and operations are configured correctly.Define the specific operations you plan to subcontract and associate them with appropriate work centers. 

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Creating Bill of Material ( BOM ) for Subcontracting 

To initiate subcontracting, you need to create a Bill of Material for the product or component you wish to subcontract.In the Manufacturing module, go to Bill of Material and create a new BOM, specifying the components that need to be subcontracted.

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Initiating Subcontracting Orders 

Now that the BOM for subcontracting is ready, you can initiate subcontracting orders.Navigate to the Manufacturing Orders menu and create a new order. Select the product and quantity you wish to subcontract and  choose the relevant supplier.

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Generating Purchase Orders for Subcontracting 

Once you have created the subcontracting order,Odoo 16’s Manufacturing module will automatically generate a Purchase Order for the selected supplier.Review and validate the Purchase Order to proceed with the subcontracting process. 

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Tracking Subcontracting Progress 

Monitoring the status of subcontracting orders and receiving updates from your external suppliers, ensuring transparency and timely completion. 

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Receiving Subcontracted Products 

As the subcontracted products are ready, record the receipt in Odoo 16’s Inventory module. This step ensures that the subcontracted items are correctly accounted for in your inventory. 

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Odoo 16’s subcontracting feature empowers manufactures to efficiently collaborate with external suppliers, streamline production processes and enhance overall efficiency. By following the step – by – step guide outlined in this blog, businesses can leverage the power of subcontracting to access specialized skills, reduce lead times, and optimize manufacturing operations. Embrace subcontracting in odoo 16 to foster partnership with external suppliers and drive your manufacturing operations. Embrace subcontracting in Odoo 16 to foster strong partnerships with external external suppliers and drive your manufacturing endeavors towards increased productivity and success. 

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