Streamlining Procurement Operations with Odoo 16: Optimizing Purchase Agreements and Enhancing Efficiency

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In the world of businesses , efficient procurement  operations are crucial for maintaining smooth supply chains and minimizing costs. Managing purchase orders effectively can be a challenging task, especially when dealing with recurring or bulk purchases. Odoo 16 , a comprehensive business management software , offers a  powerful solution to the Purchase Module. In this blog post , we will explore the  concept of blanket orders and discuss how they can optimize procurement operation in Odoo 16.

Purchase Agreements 

Blanket Orders and Calls for Tenders in Odoo 16, Two types of preconfigured purchase agreements are available : Blanket ORders and Call for tenders.

Blanket Orders allows users to pre-agree on selling a specific quantity of goods at predetermined price.Users can create new sale orders at the agreed – upon price until the blanket order expires.Call for tender enable the generation of alternatives to the initial purchase, offering multiple options to choose from select the best alternative based on specific criteria.

Dashboard → Configuration → Settings 

Enabling this functionality grants users access to the blanket order menu located within the Order tab. 

Blanket Order Creation 

Odoo 16 introduces a simplified process for creating and configuring blanket orders.Users can easily create blanket orders by selecting the purchase representative , vendor type , and agreements deadline. Products , Quantities, and prices are specified in the agreement. Once the buyer acquires goods from the vendor at the agreed – upon terms , they can confirm the order, generate new quotations, and track RFQs/Orders related to the agreement. 

Dashboard → Orders → Blanket Orders → New 
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Now you can configure the Blanket order. By clicking on the agreement type  , you can get the window as shown below. 
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Agreement Selection Type : 

“ Select only on RFQ “ Cancels remaining RFQs when one RFQ is confirmed .

“ Select Multiple RFQ” allows multiple purchase orders without canceling remaining orders. 

Lines : 

“ Use lines of agreement” automatically fills RFQ lines based on the agreement lines.

“ Do not create RFQ lines automatically “ does not automatically populate RFQ lines with agreement lines. 

Quantities : 

“ Use quantities of agreement “ sets purchasing quantities as specified in the agreement. 

“ Set quantities manually” allows manual selection of quantities. 

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After creating an agreement, users can generate RFQs by either clicking on “ New Quotation “ or by creating a Purchase Order. 
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When creating a purchase order, users should select the vendor with whom the deal has been settled.After selecting the vendor, the corresponding agreement made with that vendor can be chosen. By selecting the agreement within the purchase order, the product , quantity , and price details specified in the agreement will be automatically populated, as described earlier. 

Enhanced Call for Tenders Functionality 

The call for tenders features in Odoo 16 allows businesses to generate alternative requests for quotations from different vendors.Users can compare product lines , considering factors such as lead – time delivery, and total amount, choose the best option. The chosen alternative can be further processed into an RFQ, and any unnecessary alternatives can be canceled.

By clicking the Create alternative, generate alternative requests for quotations to different vendors.4mmE 8cIxkubRXRt uEiUhx04Euq cN1PDiRh5CTg7k070KkmVhAoiHkRK9Lq5BSs4epNVlybn9D7ad2GZ7oWisgKfPg9GkrVAaxWUL8fljs5uGInTtJJUZOjbVOm q0DDwMS6jdV6VSM8dXwmMw4Cu5IOtqj4NweG3fQG0dS7gO7M9szBH6A9iejtO BuqLKOoSUXA4ml10qowK61arcxMKqY6NOSMUV92CJ5OcsaqcRb psBAOr8tORu4DQpaLYKBeWZU4KMyWVvRbsDZzddDqM4REvc

So, after adding different alternatives one can see the list of RFQs that were created under the alternatives.

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Clicking on “Compare Product Lines” allows you to make a selection based on the best lead time, On-Time Delivery (OTD), and/or total amount. This feature enables you to decide whether to purchase certain products from one vendor and others from a different vendor by comparing the product lines.

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By clicking the “Choose” button, you can select the best option from the provided list. Once selected, you can proceed with the RFQ (Request for Quotation). Upon confirming the RFQ, a window will appear, warning about alternative options. From this window, you can choose to keep or cancel the other options, as demonstrated below.

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Receipt Status on Purchase Orders 

To help businesses track the status of receipts , Odoo 16 introduces a receipt status field in purchase orders.This field provides three different values : Nothing Received , Partially Received , and Fully Received. By activating the receipt status field, users can easily identify the status of the receipt for each purchase order , enabling better inventory management and order fulfillment. 
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Purchase History of Product on RFQs 

Odoo 16 allows users to track the purchase history of a product for each vendor directly from the RFQs. By clicking on the purchase history icon in the order line,users can view prior purchases, including vendor details ,quantities , and prices.This features enables businesses to make informed decisions by analyzing past purchasing data and vendor performance.
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By clicking this, you will be able to view all prior purchases from that vendor.

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These enhancements effectively enhance the procurement process for businesses and serve as valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their procurement operations.By levaring these improvements , businesses can make informed decisions and focus on delivering maximum value to their customers. 

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