Unveiling the power of Pull & Push Rule in Odoo 16 Inventory  

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In Odoo 16, efficient internal management and warehouse operations are achieved through a methodical approach.Inventory management is crucial for maintaining a facility’s smooth functioning.A key aspect of the supply chain strategy involves product manufacture, retail chanel availability,and delivery to distribution centers.Odoo 16 introduces the Routes, Pull, and Push Rules capabilities , making configuration simple and guaranteeing a variety of rules for inventory management. 

Enable Multi – Steps Route 

To get started, navigate to the Inventory module and access the settings of the Inventory module.Enable the Multi – Step Routes field in the Warehouse section.Once activated,the Routes and Rules features will become available for use. 

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Define Routes 

Under the configuration menu,you will find the Routes option.Clicking on a route will open its form,showing the locations to which the route applies.You can also limit a route’s application to a specific Company.

Create Pull Rules 

Pull Rules are used to fulfill sale orders.When a customer places an order, a demand is created at the customer location.Odoo searches for a pull rule configured for that location.If products are not in stock , Odoo follows the rules set up to supply them until the customer receives the items. 

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Set up Rules for Product Movement 

Under the Rules menu, you can establish rules for product movement. Click on the Add a line option to create a new rule or update an existing one.In the pop-up box , fill in the details such as Name, Action, Operation Type, Source Location, Destination Location, Automatic Move, and Supply Method. 

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Action : Choose  between Pull and Push.

Operation Type : Select the relevant operation type,  e.g. Delivery orders for Pull and Internal transfers for Push. 

Source Location : The Location from which the products will be Pulled or  Pushed. 

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 Destination Location : The location to which the products will be delivered or transferred. 

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Automatic Move: Choose between Manual Operation and Automatic No step Added for Pull Rules.

Supply Method : Specify the method for fulfilling the demand, such as Take From Stock or Trigger Another Rule for Push rules. 

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Save the Rules 

After setting up all the necessary details, click the SAVE button to save the rule.

Test the Pull Rule

Create a sale order and confirm it. When you validate the delivery, the pull rule will generate a valuation smart button that includes details such as Date,Reference, Product name ,Company, Moved quantity ,unit value, and total value. 

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Test the Push Rule 

Create a purchase order and confirm it. When you  check the stock move report, you will see the products being transferred based on the push rule you set up. 

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Pull and Push rules play a vital role in Odoo 16 Inventory management.  Pull Rules are used to  fulfill sales orders, while Push Rules are activated in real-time when products arrive at specific locations. By following this step – by – step guide, you can configure and manage your inventory effectively , ensuring a smooth flow of product within your business. 

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