Five Steps to Grow Revenues from your online shop with Odoo openERP

Here we are going to discuss how you can grow your online shop with Odoo openERP.

1. Create better website and product pages

To keep the strong branding and interested your customers, you need to make attractive
product pages. your first objective is to offer visitors a great experience, not to clutter the site
with fancy graphics and logos.


2. Suggest alternative product

Easiest ways to increase your sales revenue is by upselling. Research the market beforehand and identify what products are the best sellers in order to change your customers’ minds and sell them more expensive alternatives.


3. Cross-selling: offer related products

Cross selling is the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. Once the customer reaches the checkout phase, they will see suggestions of related products that might be useful to buy as well.


4. Product variants: add accessories to the product

you can also recommend accessories that compliment a customer’s purchase.By choosing the right complimentary products, you’ll manage to convince the customer that these are exactly what they were missing in their purchase.
For example, when someone is about to buy an iPad Retina Display, they will be a suggestion to also buy a warranty or an extra graphic card. They can even choose the warranty period for their iPad. Product variants are made up of a parent product that includes basic information.


5. Chat with your customers

There is another more subtle way they can increase your revenues – and that’s making communication between you and your customers smooth and simple.
You can create a contact form on your website or you can install Live Chat for direct communication with your visitors. This will enable you to answer their questions in real-time and to be there to make suggestions that could encourage them to make even bigger purchases, or simply go through with their purchase.


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