Exploring Odoo 17’s Exciting Upgrades in the Employee Module 

employee module odoo 17

Odoo 17 is like a cool upgrade for your work software. It comes with lots of new things to make your job better in the Employee Module. This module is like a toolbox that helps your HR and Company work smoothly. In this blog , we will check out the important upgrades in the Employee Module and how they can make your work better. 

Improved Company Hierarchy Visualization : 

With the new department organization chart in Odoo 17 , businesses can now easily visualize and comprehend their organizational hierarchy. This graphical representation simplifies the understanding of various departments and teamwork , as employees can easily grasp the chain of command and their positions within the company. 

Seamless Printing of Employee Resumes : 

Odoo 17 goes a step further in the HR process with its ability to generate and print employee resumes directly on the platform. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that employee profiles and resumes are consistently and readily accessible. These administrative tasks allow HR professionals to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles. 

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Enhanced Collaboration with Share Snapshot Viewer :

 The collaborative capabilities of the spreadsheet feature in Odoo 17 are amplified through the addition of the Share Snapshot viewer. This enables users to collaborate effectively by granting access to specific reports. Whether it is sharing important data , reports , or insights with colleagues , this feature facilitates collaboration and information sharing within the platform. 

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 Resume Feature 

In Odoo 17, if you go to the Configuration Tab, There is a Resume Feature. It is like having your own personal information card. You can create a new one or look at the ones you have made before. 

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When you create a new resume , you get to fill in various details. You can add information about your  job , the type of salary structure , how it affects your monthly pay, and other things like the unit of measurement , the type of value , and fiscal value. It is like making a cool profile card that shows your work details. This feature helps you keep all your job info in one place and organized. 

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With all these incredible upgrades , Odoo 17’s Employee Module is here to make your work life smoother , more efficient , and a lot more enjoyable. It is like getting a box of brand – new tools to boost your work experience. 

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