Maximizing Profits in the Digital Age : Selling Your Digital Assets with Odoo 16 

Selling Digital Assets Using Odoo

In today’s digital age , the way we consume and share content has evolved significantly . With the internet at our fingertips , people are constantly seeking valuable digital content, whether it be ebooks , videos , music , software , or online courses. If you have expertise in a specific area or create high – quality digital content , why not generate income from it ? Odoo 16 , a powerful and versatile  open source business management software , now offers an excellent solution to sell digital content directly from your website. In this blog , we will explore how Odoo 16 can help you unlock new revenue streams by selling your digital content online. 

Why Choose Odoo 16 for Selling Digital Content ?

Odoo 16 is like a complete toolbox for managing different parts of a business , such as keeping track of money, handling products , managing customer relationships , and selling things online. It’s great for businesses that want to sell digital stuff, like ebooks or videos. Here are some simple reasons why Odoo 16  stands out as a valuable choice : 

Enable Digital /content Feature 

Before you can start selling digital content , make sure to enable the digital content feature in the configuration settings. This setting is crucial for a smooth checkout process. 

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Add Digital Content to Your Products 

Within the product form, you will find the Digital Content smart tab. This is where you can associate digital content with your products. This content can include user manuals, relevant documents , or any digital assets related to your products. 

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Click on Digital Files to Add Digital New File 

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Enable Automatic Invoicing 

To ensure that customers receive their attached digital content only after completing the payment, activate the automatic invoicing option in your sales settings. This step is vital to synchronize content delivery with payment completion. 

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Checkout Process 

Now , let’s explore how digital content is delivered to your website’s customers. Customers add their desired products to the cart and proceed to complete the checkout process. 

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Order Confirmation and Download 

Once the checkout is complete , customers receive an order confirmation message and can view their order confirmation message and can view their order reference. To access their digital content , customers can click on My Account and navigate to their order history.

 Here , they can download  the attached digital content from the sale order. 

Digital Content for Sale 

Utilizing digital content can significantly boost your sales strategy. It provides customers with additional information about your products , making it easier for them to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally , it eliminates the costs associated with printing , shipping , and storing physical catalogs or manuals. 

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Selling Digital Product like Books or Magazines : 

If you plan to sell digital products like books or magazines , Odoo 16’s website module offers a seamless process for setting up and selling these items.

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Product Creation

Under the eCommerce tab, you can create new products for your website. Set the product types as Service and define the price. Organize your products by assigning them to specific categories. 

Publish Your Products 

Do not forget to publish your products so that they are accessible on your website. You can use the Go to Website button to preview the product page on the front end. 

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Attach Digital Content 

After publishing , you can attach digital content to your products by clicking on the Digital Files smart button within the product page. Upload the relevant files to make them available to customers upon purchase. 

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Accessory and Alternative Products : 

Enhance  your product offerings by suggesting accessory and alternative products. This helps increase the average order value and gives customers more choices. 

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eCommerce Categories : 

Utilize eCommerce categories to simplify product discovery for customers. This improves satisfaction by helping customers find the products they were looking for more easily. 

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Downloading Digital Content : 

After Completing the purchase , customers can access their digital content by clicking the download button in the portal. This ensures a smooth and convenient user experience. 

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 Here , they can download  the attached digital content from the sale order. 

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By effectively managing digital content through Odoo 16’s website module, you can enhance customer satisfaction , drive sales, and build loyalty. Providing customers with easy access to digital resources such as products and services. In today’s digital age, embracing digital content sales is a smart and efficient way to grow your business. 

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