Exploring Odoo 17 Sales module : A User – Friendly Guide to New Features 

sales module odoo 17

Odoo 17 is here , and it brings a host of exciting updates to its Sales Module. These changes make it easier and better for you to handle your sales work. In this blog , we will take a closer look at these new features of the Sales Module , and we will explain them in simple terms to help you use them effectively. 

Advance search option with Custom Filters 

In Odoo 17 , they have added an advanced search function that allows you to find specific records with ease. 

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In Odoo 17 , they have also added Custom filter with advanced search option. When you click on the Add custom filter the pop – up will be open to add a custom field as you shown below. 

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Record Selection via Keyboard Shortcut 

Selecting and deselecting records is now a breeze with keyboard shortcuts. This makes record management more efficient and saves you time. 

               Select ( Shift + Down Arrow ) , Deselect ( Shift + Up Arrow ) 

Shift + Down Arrow =  Select 

Shift + Up Arrow = Deselec

Freeze Rows for Data Viewing 

Sometimes , when you are working with a lot of data. Scrolling through it can be a hassle. Odoo 17 has a solution for that. With the Freeze Rows feature , you can lock column headers in place while scrolling. This makes data analysis much more efficient as you always know what each column represents , even when you are deep into your data. 

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Create an Order Features 

The Create an Order feature in Odoo 17 offers you more flexibility. When you confirm a sale, you can now trigger the creation of a project, a task or both , depending on your Choice. These projects and tasks help you keep track of the services you offer. 

Additionally , selecting Plan Services automatically generates a shift for the designated role when a sales order is confirmed. You can specify the role in the provided area , which Activates , when the Plan Services feature is enabled . 

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Real – time Quotation and Customization : 

Quotation creation and customization receive a real – time boost in Odoo 17. Users can craft and modify quotations during customer interactions , leveraging the catalog view to select products , adjust quantities , and process sales orders instantly.

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Draggable Pop – ups for Customized Window Positioning : 

The introduction of draggable pop- ups in Odoo 17 provides users with the flexibility to move and reposition pop-up windows according to their preference and needs. 

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The Changes in Odoo 17’s Sales Module are all about making your work easier and helping get more done. They have added a better search tool , shortcuts to save time , and a way to keep your data organized when it is really long. Plus , when you make a sale , you can choose to set up your work schedule. 

These features are like having superpowers for salespeople. They make your job smoother and help you keep everything in order. With Odoo 17 , handling your sales has never been so simple and user – friendly.

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