Upgrade Your Business with Odoo 17’s Point of Sale Improvements

odoo 17 pos module

In Odoo 17 , The Point Of Sale (POS) system has received some exciting upgrades that make it even more useful for businesses. Let’s take a closer look at these new features that have been added to make your POS experience better. 

Adding Due Balances and Credit Limits of Customers : 

Within Odoo 17’s Point of Sale (PoS) system, PoS users have the capability to input customer details, including outstanding balances and credit limits.

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Enhanced Order Management with Kitchen Screen Display : 

The POS system in Odoo 17 benefits from new display features. Real – time updates , touchscreen capabilities , custom stages , and quick filters streamline order management and provide an enhanced user experience . 

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Multi – screen and Category Support : 

Users can set up multiple screens and categories tailored to specific tasks , making it highly adaptable to different environments. 

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Self – Service Ordering and Mobile Payment Convenience : 

Odoo 17 empowers users to place orders via their smartphones or tablets using the self – service option. Customers can place orders via smartphones or tablets using self – services options. Customers can now initiate orders , scan QR codes, and conveniently make payments through their mobile devices. 

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Share Open orders

You can now share open orders among different people and devices in the POS system. This is great for teamwork and making sure orders are handled smoothly. 


Generate 5 digit Code 

You can create 5 – digit codes for things like products , customers , or orders. This makes it easier to keep track of what is going on in your POS system. 

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Automatically validate Orders 

Orders can be automatically approved , which makes the process faster and more accurate , especially during busy times. 

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Preparation display and preparation printers 

The includes of preparation display and printers improves communication between front -end and back – end operations , ensuring orders are prepared accurately and on time. 

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In Odoo 17, the Point of Sale (POS) systeem has got better with new features. These changes help businesses handle their sales , make customers happier , and run their operations smoothly. Whether you are tracking what customers owe you , organizing orders, or letting people order by themselves , Odoo 17 has everything you need. 

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