Odoo 17: Preview of Features and Expectations from the Upcoming Release

Odoo 17 Expected Features

In Preparation for the upcoming Odoo Event in November 2023 , where official release of Odoo 17 is expected , we ‘re here to  delve into the exciting release of Odoo 17’s  new features. This blog post aims to provide analysis of Odoo 17 features , drawing from both official sources and insights circulating on social media , as this year’s Odoo experience promises to showcase the latest advancements and experts insights across various modules.

Diving right into the features of Odoo 17 : 

User Interface ( UI ) Productivity : 

Odoo 17 comes with a refined and improved UI , a result of meticulous fine – tuning and redesign efforts. The UI/UX overall aims to elevate user experience and boost productivity.   

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Dark Mode Arrives : 

 For those eagerly awaiting the dark mode , Odoo 17 introduces this Modern interface option. 

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Odoo 17 in Mobile App : 

In this era of remote work and using phones and tablets everywhere , having a strong and helpful mobile  app is super important. Odoo 17 is getting ready to launch , and it’s bringing a better mobile app.  This new app will make it really easy for people to use their phones and tablets to work with Odoo.  So , whether you are home , on the go , or anywhere else , you can stay productive and keep things moving smoothly. 

Replacing Create with New Button 

The familiar Create button has undergone a transformation and is now known as New button . While originally planned for Odoo 17 , this feature was also introduced to Odoo 16 through a backport. 

New Booking Feature 

In the latest update to the Appointment feature , users now have the ability to view the available Company Facilities and Space when scheduling appointments of the resources.

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 Advanced Search View with Custom Filters : 

One of the standout features in Odoo 17 is the advanced search functionality. This feature offers the ability to find specific records effortlessly by applying filters. The release will empower users to create multiple filters with diverse rules , enhancing employee productivity and user experience. 


Record Selection via Keyboard Shortcuts : 

Selecting and Deselecting records becomes seamless in Odoo 17 with the introduction of keyboard shortcuts. The new shortcut shift simplifies the process , and deselecting all buttons further enhances record management. 

              Select ( Shift + Down Arrow ) , Deselect ( Shift + Up Arrow ) 

Shift + Down Arrow =  Select 

Shift + Up Arrow = Deselec

Freeze Rows for enhancing Data Viewing : 

With the Freeze rows features , users can lock column headers in place while scrolling through extensive amounts of data , making data analysis more efficient. 

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Create an Order Features : 

You have the flexibility to choose an appropriate selection in the Create on Order field. Upon confirming a sale , this product can trigger the creation of a project , task , or both project and task , depending on your chosen option. These projects and tasks serve as a means to monitor the services being offered. Opting for the Plan Services choice triggers the automatic generation of a shift for the designated role upon sales order confirmation. The role can be specified in the provided area that activates upon enabling the Plan Services feature. 

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Improve Menu Structure for Operation : 

Odoo 17 refines the menu structure by introducing separate categories for various operation types, providing a more organized and accessible inventory management experience. 

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Adding Due Balances and Credit Limits of Customers : 

Within Odoo 17’s Point of Sale (PoS) system, PoS users have the capability to input customer details, including outstanding balances and credit limits.

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Enhanced Order Management with Kitchen Screen Display : 

The POS system in Odoo 17 benefits from new display features. Real – time updates , touchscreen capabilities , custom stages , and quick filters streamline order management and provide an enhanced user experience . 

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Multi – screen and Category Support : 

Users can set up multiple screens and categories tailored to specific tasks , making it highly adaptable to different environments. 

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Self – Service Ordering and Mobile Payment Convenience : 

Odoo 17 empowers users to place orders via their smartphones or tablets using the self – service option. Customers can place orders via smartphones or tablets using self – services options. Customers can now initiate orders , scan QR codes, and conveniently make payments through their mobile devices. 

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Improved Company Hierarchy Visualization : 

 Odoo 17 introduces a department organization chart that enables one to easily visualize the company’s hierarchy structure. This fosters a clear understanding and collaboration among team members.

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Automated Reminders for Pending Document Signatures : 

Odoo 17 introduces automated reminders within the module , ensuring users stay updated on documents awaiting signatures. 

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Real – time Quotation and Customization : 

Quotation creation and customization receive a real – time boost in Odoo 17. Users can craft and modify quotations during customer interactions , leveraging the catalog view to select products , adjust quantities , and process sales orders instantly.

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Draggable Pop – ups for Customized Window Positioning : 

The introduction of draggable pop- ups in Odoo 17 provides users with the flexibility to move and reposition pop-up windows according to their preference and needs. 

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New To –  Do Module for Task Management :  

Odoo 17 adds a new To – Do Module , enhancing task monitoring and delivery tracking within the platform. 

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Efficient Article search for Quick Assistance : 

Users can now directly search for articles to access help from existing documents , improving the speed and effectiveness of support. 

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Seamless Printing of Employee Resumes : 

Odoo 17 introduces the ability to generate and print employee resumes directly on the platform , streamlining HR processes. 

Enhanced Collaboration with Share Snapshot Viewer :

 The collaborative capabilities of the spreadsheet feature in Odoo 17 are amplified through the addition of the Share Snapshot viewer. This enables users to collaborate effectively by granting access to specific reports. 

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By utilizing the share button , users can distribute snapshots of their spreadsheets and grant access to the relevant reports. 

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We have taken a close look at what to expect from Odoo17 , and it’s clear that exciting possibilities are on the horizon for users. As we eagerly await the official launch of Odoo 17 at the upcoming Odoo experience event , There is more to discover in terms of its features. Keep an eye out for updates and more details about the impressive improvements that Odoo 17 will bring. If you need help or services related to the Odoo Community or Enterprise edition , feel free to chat with us or give us a call. We are here to support you throughout your Odoo journey. 

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