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Odoo 16 is the fastest, most beautiful, and most intuitive version Odoo has ever developed! 

This year Odoo 16 comes with a brand-new Knowledge app, a solution aiming to help you manage, collaborate, and share knowledge with your company. With it comes Odoo’s refactored dashboards. Those have been converted into Spreadsheet-based Respers.

Everything is Autosaved in Odoo 16:

Forget about the hassles of hitting the “EDIT” or “SAVE” buttons; everything is automatically saved in Odoo 16.

Those using Odoo will relate that this feature will save many hassles.

It’s all about speed in Odoo 16s

the performance of Odoo 16 has been improved across the whole tech stake.

To give you a gist about Odoo 16’s performance:

– Website and eCommerce in Odoo 16 are 2.7 times faster to load controllers.

– Opening an invoice from the backend is 3.7 times faster.

In Odoo 15 or earlier versions, creating 50 invoices with 50 lines would take 79.5 seconds to compute. But with the latest Odoo version 16 will only take 19.44 seconds.

Introducing the all-New Knowledge App

We live in an era of too much information, which sometimes makes it even more challenging to get an answer.

Especially with the increasing adoption of remote work culture, you might have information scattered over your emails, spreadsheets, word files, and whatnot.

So, here comes the all-new Knowledge app in Odoo 16, whose purpose is to prevent you from drowning in all these scattered seas of information and have a single source of truth for everyone.

Odoo Accounting Improvement in Version 16

  • The new bank reconciliation widget vastly improves the user experience.
  • Account Reports are entirely revised, focusing on performance, UI, definition, and audit.
  • A new analytic widget on invoices to ease analytic distribution, analytic plans, and analytic distribution models.
  • Credit limit warnings
  • Recurring invoices
  • Early payment discounts
  • 70+ countries are now covered
  • The Financial Reports debug tool will let you analyze which accounts are potentially missing.
  • Invoices and bill payment widgets have been improvised for multi-currency transactions.

Website and eCommerce in Odoo 16

  • In the latest Odoo version, your website is directly accessible by clicking on the app icon, so you don’t need to go through the Website app dashboard anymore.
  • With the Odoo 16 Website module, you can now have more control and customization options on the Blocks or the website building elements. Traditionally the front end and the back end of the module were separate. But in the new version, the front and the backends are merged to preserve a single interface giving more customization options for the website.
  • The configurations can be done without reloading the page and will give you way more accessibility to the website configuration options. You can now have more filtering and grouping elements to add to the webpage for easy user management.

Normal Backend View on the website

  • We have the backend menu options now in the frontend for easy navigation.

Smoother Manufacturing and inventory Process 

  • Now, if a manufacturing order is linked to a sales order, its reference and status can be seen on the customer portal as parent/child relationships are created automatically.
  • Easily reschedule Manufacturing orders.
  • You will receive notifications when using expired lots for manufacturing orders and picking operations.
  • Now, you can automatically split purchase order prices on component valuation upon setting a cost share on KIT-type BOM components.
  • Merge and split orders for batch production or planning purposes
  • In the inventory module, a warning icon is displayed next to duplicate serials.
  • Odoo 16 Inventory Reporting is revamped completely for easy navigation.
  • For MRP, the design is entirely reworked and named Overview.
  • In Manufacturing, you can add/remove steps based on your experience to make the process easier and faster.

Dashboards are converted into Spreadsheets-based reports

With improved Spreadsheets, you can now see records on the List function, convert XLSX files to the Odoo Spreadsheet format, or use a new set of functions.

 Odoo Spreadsheet has become the first open-source solution that lets you edit sheets collaboratively and import/export Excel files seamlessly – supporting tables, charts, frozen panes, hidden columns and rows, and 200+ functions.

As you can see, Odoo 16 can be your companion in many ways, be it building a business idea from scratch or enhancing existing business processes.

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