Purchase Reordering Rule

  • For any product If you want  quantity to never go out of stock, then set a reordering rule.
  • Create a new product.


Products Odoo 2

  • Here a product named sanitiser is created. Make sure the product type is a Storable Product. 

New Odoo 10

  • In the Purchase Tab add vendor details with the price. 

New Odoo 11

  • For applying the reordering rule, the Buy Route Checkbox should be enabled.

New Odoo 12

  • Go to the Reordering Rule through the smart button.

Sanitizer Odoo

  • Here, we have to set a reordering rule. I am adding minimum quantity 5, maximum quantity 10 and multiple quantity is 1.
  • The minimum quantity means if quantity will go below it, then the reordering rule will be fired automatically, and order will be sent to the selected vendor.
  • And we have to assign Max quantity as well, because whatever the value we have set, the same value of order will be ordered by the vendor.

Reordering Rules

  • Odoo scheduler runs once a day. But,you can run your scheduler from the Inventory module, and the purchase order will be ordered in the Purchase module.
  • So, 10 which max-quantity is set in the reordering rule and order quantity from the sale quotation which is 1 so a total of 11 quantities is ordered.

P00020 Odoo

  • After updating the delivery, the Done quantity is updated. 

WH IN 00050 Od

  • As well from the sale order, the sale quantity will also be done.
  • This was it for today. Hope you learned something new.
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