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The purpose of these documents is to evaluate for holding an effective recruitment management strategy in your human resource department of your organization. 

It will support your organization to enhance productivity systems like odoo helps you deliver the best quality of hirings. 

Odoo Recruitment module will provide you with an insight to understand the best suitable hires and examine whether they are ideal for your organization or not.

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The window of the recruitment module shows the job positions window.  We can view all the job applications and vacancies that we created for recruiting.

 In this window you can view some defined job positions that are labeled as published. 

These are the job positions that are already published on the website. Various functions available under the Filters, Group By and favorite , search and icons. 

Default filtering options are the My Job Positions, My Favorites, In Position, In Recruitment and Unread Messages. 

The ADD Custom Filter option allows you to customize new filers based upon your requirements. Under these Group By options, you have the default grouping menus such as Department, Status and Company. You can also have the Add Custom Group menu. 

The CREATE icon shown in the top left corner of the window will allow you to create new Job Positions. 

 You can click on this icon, it will depict the Create a Job Position window as shown in the screenshot below.
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In this window, you can provide the job Position in the provided space, and then you can click on the CREATE icon available. 

Now create a Job Position as Deputy Manager Now you will be able to view the newly created Job Position in the Job Positions window, as highlighted in the below screenshot.

After creating the new Job Position, you can click in the three dots available on the top right corner of the newly created record for adding further details and accessing the edit button.

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Apart from this option, you can create and configure a Job Position by accessing the Job Position window available under the Configuration tab of the Odoo Recruitment module.
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The Job Position window will depict every Job Position defined in the platform in Kanban and List view. 

The Name of the Job Position, Department, Website, Current Number of Employees, Expected New Employees, Total Forecasted Employees, Hired Employees, Status, Published, and Company.

The CREATE icon available in the window will help you to access the Job Position creation form.

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After providing the information in the creation form, you can save it by clicking on the SAVE button. 

The newly created Job Position is in the RECRUITMENT IN PROGRESS stage. Published this Job Position on the website, you can click on the Go to Website smart button available on the top right corner of the window. 

Select this icon, you will navigate the website page to view the job on the company website.

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Candidates & visitors can view this job position, they can directly apply for the post. 

You can turn on the unpublished button into published for publishing the job vacancy, shown in the image below.x MlpPIc2NTh3NWBEqroCivNPySTMPi

If a candidate wants to apply for the job, they can click on the Apply Now option available on the top right. 

Now candidates will navigate into a new window where they can view the Job application form for Deputy Manager. 

Now you can fill out the fields in the application form and after filling , you can select the Submit button to submit the details as well. 

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When you successfully submit the application, you will receive a confirmation window, as shown in the below image.

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Going back to the job Position window. you can view the job position and which is displayed as published.

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So, we have been discussing the Job Position aspect of the Recruitment module.

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