Odoo9 Installation in windows OS

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In this blog you will become familier with the odoo 9 ( latest version ) installation in window operating system. Let starts with the given steps.

1) Install the latest exe file of odoo 9.0:-

⦁    Operate the site “https://nightly.odoo.com/9.0/nightly/exe/
⦁    Select latest exe file like odoo_9.0.latest.exe (Latest Date)


2) Double-click on the Downloaded file:-

⦁    If Windows would show a security warning, click “Yes” or “run anyway” to confirm.


3)  Select installation language:-

⦁    Select your compatible language.The default is English. The other option is French.

Screenshot (1)


4) Welcome message pop-up:-

⦁    Carefully follow the recommendations given in this steps and click Next to continue.

Screenshot (2)


5) Licence Agreement:-

⦁    It is important that you accept the yerms and condition to proceed with installation.confirm the contract by clicking I Agree to accept the terms of the agreement.

Screenshot (3)


6) Install odoo and postgreSQL :-

⦁    Click Next to install both the Odoo Server and the PostgreSQL Database Server.

Screenshot (4)


7)  Configure PostgreSQL connection:-

⦁    The installer will suggest default parameters to complete your PostgreSQL connection
configuration. You can accept the defaults, or change it according to your requirement.

Screenshot (5)


8) Installation :-

⦁    Click Install to start the Odoo installation.

Screenshot (6)


9)  Being Install :-

⦁    Odoo is now being installed on your computer.

Screenshot (7)


10) A PostgreSQL popup :-

⦁    A popup of PostgreSQL Database Server will appear during the installation , PostgreSQL is included in the Odoo installation file.

Screenshot (8)


11)   Completion message :-

⦁    Now Odoo and the PostgreSQL Database Server are installed on your own system. Click Finish to close the installation window. After finish Odoo will start automatically.

Screenshot (9)


12)  Open database control panel of Odoo :-

⦁    After the installation of Odoo and  PostgreSQL on your own computer you have to create a database first.Odoo uses a (PostgreSQL) database for store all data.

Screenshot (10)


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