New Features in Odoo 16

Odoo New 16

Odoo 16 was released on October 16 2022, So Get ready for new features and innovative experiences in odoo 16 with most  users friendly. 

Odoo 16 is designed to be more efficient than previous versions. It can help you improve the performance of your ERP system and reduce the risk of errors or delays.

What new features in odoo 16  ? 

So here we can see many functions will be there 

  • Dark mode 
  • New reporting system in inventory 
  • 70+localization package in accounting module
  • Spreadsheet link to dashboard 
  • Backend 3.7* faster 

    Now, Understand the Features of odoo 16:- 


  •       3.7*faster with previous versions 
  •        E-commerce is  now 3.9* faster now 


  • New dynamic report 
  • New spreadsheet improvement 
  • And also we can view a new dynamic report in odoo 16 accounting 


  • New knowledge app 
  • New knowledge for internal module 


  • New mockups 
  • smart device in website module 

New knowledge app:-

This app will be describe the user catch the required knowledge and  documents 

That allow to authorized  users to check:- 

  • Product service description
  • Manage Standard Operating procedure that is called (SOP) to across the organizations 
  • Product service pitch

So these efficient existing employees give knowledge and training to the new employees. The knowledge app is the great way for businesses to provide and pass the knowledge and best practice to the workforce.

User satisfaction:- 

As we expected with every new software updated in odoo. The new version (odoo 16) has tried improving user friendly across all the key modules like product management with marketing and many other modules also got completely redesigned and modernized in the new version. 

There are many benefits add for business purpose:- 

  • Productivity improved
  • Communication is going smoother 
  • Customer experience is very delightful
  • It is simplification in user interface and workflow or management  

Odoo Accounting module improvement version 16:- 

Accounting implementing odoo 16 many features will be improved such as:- 

  • New 70+ countries are add now newly covered 
  • Credit limit warning in sales and bills
  • Better readability in journal and audit reports
  • Early payment discount available 
  • New features like multi current , new bank reconciliation in accounting imports.

Website in odoo 16 Module 

In latest version of odoo 16 website is directly access by clicking the app icon, So we don’t need to visit website app dashboard, 

  • Prioritize privacy will be there 
  • Rental and website combined
  • More filtering and and grouping features are available 
  • No need to refresh will configure a page. 

       Business benefits are:- 

  • New innovative and interactive designs are available 
  • While using the website module you  have more options for customization. 

E-commerce Odoo 16 Module:- 

There are new functionalities added in odoo while in previous module we don’t have more options such as :- 

  • UOM display ( Unit  Of Measurement) 
  • Uploading images in bulk 
  • Quick checkout online 

So no longer need to look for alternatives in odoo e-Commerce development.

It would provide additional functionalities added to one click checkout and more options will be there while making the payment mode. 

  Odoo 16 Website: What’s new?

  • Sales Module
  •  Rental App goes online
  • Purchase Module
  •  Upgraded Performance

   Speed in Odoo 16:-

    Give you the glist performance in odoo 16 performance

  • An invoice from the backend is 3.7 time than faster
  • E-commerce and websites in odoo 16 are faster than 2.7 to load the controllers.

            Now EVERYTHING IS AUTOSAVED In odoo 16

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  • Now forget about the hitting of edit or save buttons now everything is going automatically saved in Odoo 16.
  • As many are using Odoo will relate to these features and save many hassles. 



As we discussed, all the features above are going to be very helpful to different organizations across various industries. With odoo 16 it helps in achieving the highest peak  in efficient terms of management in business and employees. 

According to a study nearly 40% of businesses are using ERP to increase the performances for their workflow. 

These features can be helpful to your organization if the implementation is done correctly by opting to hire Odoo development company for ERP development and we spellbound being an silver odoo pantern is an ideal choice for getting your odoo solution developed team. 

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