Simplify Customer Support with Odoo 16 Helpdesk Module

In today’s world , giving really good customer service is not just nice – it is super important. Odoo 16 , which is like a big toolbox for running businesses , has this really cool thing called the Helpdesk Module. It is a superhero for customer support. This blog will be your guide through the cool stuff you can do with the Odoo 16 Helpdesk Module. You will learn how to make customers super happy , get work done faster , and keep everyone smiling. 

Meet the Odoo 16 Helpdesk Module 

The Odoo 16 Helpdesk Module is like a superhero tool that can make businesses way better at helping customers. It comes with lots of cool stuff , like making tickets and showing important info about customers. It is like a main hub where all customer questions and problems get sorted out. Now , let’s take a journey through the steps to use this tool to its fullest.

Support Operations 

The Helpdesk OVerview presents a snapshot of the module’s main features , such as My Tickets , and My Performance sections. In My Tickets , you can access information about open tickets , top priority tickets , urgent tickets , average response times , and failed tickets. My Performance offers insights into closed tickets, success rates , ratings , and daily targets. The dashboard provides an overview of the helpdesk team database setting , along with statistics on completed tickets.

Tickets Menu 

Within the Helpdesk Module’s Tickets menu , users can create , manage , and track tickets. This menu comprises My tickets, and All Tickets sections. 

My Tickets : 

This section displays tickets assigned to the user. Tickets can be viewed in various formats such as list view, Kanban view , activity view , pivot view , graph view , and cohort view. Information includes tickets ID , priority , team , assigned user , customer company , activities , SLA deadline , and stage. 

Click on the Create button to create New Tickets. 

All Tickets : 

In this section , all tickets across various helpdesk teams within the organization can be monitored. Similar to My Tickets , this view provides ticket information with various display options. 

Helpdesk Performance through Reporting 

Understanding your Helpdesk’s Performance Go to the Reporting section in the Helpdesk application.

  • Click on Ticket Analysis to see detailed reports about how well the tickets are doing. 
  • Check out SLA status Analysis to see if the promised response times are being met. 
  • Look at Customer Ratings to see what customers think and learn from their feedback. 

Configuration Menu 

The Configuration menu enables users to set up various helpdesk functionalities , including Temas , Stages , SLA Policies , Types , and Canned Responses . 

Creating Custom Helpdesk Teams

Select Teams to manage your support teams effectively. 

  • Click the New button to initiate the creation of a new Support team. 
  • Fill in the Required details , including Name and Email Alias , to uniquely identify the team. 

Defining Custom SLA Policies

SLA ( Service Level Agreements ) Policies establish guidance for service providers and customers , ensuring timely responses and issue resolution. This section enables the creation and management of these policies. 

  • Click on the New button to create a SLA policy. 
  • Specify essential SLA parameters like Priority , Team , Types , and Reach Stage. 
  • Configure the conditions and interframes for response and resolution.

Adding CustomHelpdesk Types 

  • Initiate the creation of new helpdesk types by clicking the New button. Assign a name to the type , such as Feedback or Technical Issue. 
  • Save the type to make it readily available when generating new tickets. 

Crafting Canned Responses 

  • Click the New button to compose a new canned response for frequently encountered queries. 
  • Insert the response text that can be easily reused when addressing common customer concerns. 

In the digital age , customer expectations are higher than ever before. A well-implemented helpdesk system is more than just a tool, it’s a strategic asset that can shape a company’s reputation and success. By providing a centralized platform for managing customer inquiries , automating processes, and facilitating quick issue resolution , help desk systems, exploring their features , benefits , and the incredible impact they can have on your business’s customer support journey. 

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