Empowering Employees Growth with Odoo’s Appraisals Module 


In today’s fast – paced business world , organizations aim to empower their employees and support their professional development. Odoo , a prominent open-source business management software, offers a robust Appraisals module that plays a crucial role in evaluating and improving employee performance.This blog will delve into the ways Odoo’s Appraisals module enables organizations to drive employee growth and cultivate a culture of ongoing improvement. 

Understanding Odoo’s Appraisals Module 

Odoo’s Appraisals module offers a comprehensive platform for conducting evaluations , providing feedback, and setting development goals.With  intuitive interface and robust features,this module streamlines the appraisal process, ensuring a fair and transparent evaluation system.

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Configuring appraisal Template 

In Odoo’s Appraisals module,administrators can create customizable appraisal templates to suit their organization’s specific requirements.These templates can include sections for evaluating competencies, setting goals, and collecting feedback. The flexibility of the module allows businesses to align appraisals with their unique performance management frameworks.

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Initiating Appraisal Cycle 

Organizations can set up appraisal cycles within the Odoo system.These cycles define the frequency and duration of performance evaluations, ensuring regular assessments for employees . Managers can initiate appraisal cycles for their team members , kick – starting the process of assessing performance and providing constructive feedback.

Conductive Appraisal sessions 

During the appraisal cycle, managers and employees can access the Appraisals module to conduct appraisal sessions.The module provides a user – friendly interface where users can input performance ratings, write feedback comments, and document achievements.This collaborative approach promotes open communication and fosters a constructive dialogue between managers and employees.

Dashboard → Appraisal → Create 

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In the Appraisals module, company and department details are automatically displayed. Validating employee appraisals is made easy by selecting the CONFIRM icon. The section allows efficient management of manager and employee feedback. The Appraisals smart button provides quick access to the total number of appraisals, while the Employees Goals smart button allows viewing of worker goals.


Upon selecting the CONFIRM icon, the employee’s skills are activated and can be accessed under the Skills tab in the Appraisals module. Users can view the skill levels of each employee and add new skills by clicking on the ADD icon. 

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After managing all the appraisal details, you can mark it as done by selecting the MARK AS DONE icon. This action transitions the appraisal stage to DONE, indicating its completion. If you require any feedback, you can choose the ASK FEEDBACK option within the Appraisals window. With these features, defining and completing employee appraisals becomes a straightforward process in Odoo 16.

Settings Development goals 

The Appraisals module facilitates the setting of development goals based on performance evaluations. Managers  and employees can work together to define actionable steps and objectives for growth.By aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, employees are empowered to enhance their skills and contribute more effectively to company’s success. 

Dashboard → Goals → Create 

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 In the Goals window, users can set the primary goal and assign it to an employee. Progress towards the goal can be marked as 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. Additional details such as Deadline and Manager can be added. The Description tab allows for providing extra information about the goal. Once the data is entered, simply click the MARK AS DONE icon to save it automatically in Odoo 16.

Conducting Surveys for 360 – Degree Feedback 

Gathering feedback from various sources is a crucial part of employee appraisals. Odoo’s Appraisals module seamlessly integrates with the Survey module, allowing organizations to conduct surveys for 360 – degree feedback.This means that managers, peers,subordinates, and external stakeholders can contribute valuable insight regarding an employee’s performance, strengths, and areas for improvement. These surveys can be tailored to specific evaluation criteria , ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded assessment. By leveraging the integration between Odoo’s Appraisal Survey modules, organizations can enhance the evaluation process and gain a deeper understanding of an employee’s overall performance. 

Dashboard → Configuration → Surveys → Create 

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Evaluation Skills 

Managing the evaluation scale for employees is a straightforward process within Odoo’s Appraisals module. After completing the appraisal procedures, you can provide the final feedback on employee performance. This is done by setting up evaluation scales in the Configuration tab. By accessing the Evaluation Scale menu in Configuration, you can view a list of all existing rating options. In the Evaluation Scale window, you will find the Company and Name data associated with each scale.

 To create a new evaluation scale, simply click on the CREATE icon within the Evaluation Scale window. A new dialog box will appear, allowing you to enter the Name and Company details for the new scale. Once you’ve entered the necessary information, click the SAVE icon to save the new evaluation scale

Dashboard → Configuration → Evaluation Scale → Create 

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Odoo’s Appraisals module empowers organization to nurture employee growth and create a culture of continuous improvement.By levering its customizable templates, appraisal cycles , feedback mechanisms, and goal – setting capabilities, businesses can establish a transparent and collaborative evaluation system.With Odoo’s Appraisal module, organizations can unlock their employees potential , foster professional development , and drive overall success. 

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